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Quotation for Love > 200+ Special Love Quotes

These Quotation for love are very helpful in expressing your feelings, you can share these love quotes with your special friends.

The definition of love cannot be described in words, love is emotion and a new feeling and trust, I feel a kind of eccentricity to express love, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to express our love and people do too, we 100 +of your best quotation for love hope you like it.

I love you so much you can’t even imagine because my love is selfless.

Love is the relationship that continues even if it is one-sided, here it is a sign of true love, who sacrifices his love just for his happiness.

There is never every victory in love, love is a joy of belonging and it can be extinguished

 A boy and a girl look at each other and fall in love, true love is not from the body but from the soul

I need love, I haven’t shown what you’ve been doing

Love is a unique relationship that runs with trust, not with lies, that is the sign of true love.

The people who love never cheat anyone, it is never wrong with them.

To romance there is only one meeting, feet would have taken years of faith.

If I knew today what love is, it’s only you because of it.

In true love, I get cheated and hurt, but forgetting all these pains, I love you even today.

I love you because the whole universe helped me and this relationship will be happy forever.

I fell in love with his courage and honesty and saw I don’t care. What does the world think of her and my love begin.

I love you because some things must be kept secret. Just like shadows are not visible in the dark, similarly, love should be kept hidden because our love cannot be seen by anyone.

Because we love so much, do we know our husbands, we have gone mad in love.

The person who loves himself never hurts, this is the only true thing in his whole life.

She is fairer than the morning star and calmer than the moon and brighter than the sun, For her, I will give my soul because I love her.

Real love is the one who kisses your forehead and talks to your eyes and loves you as much as never did.

Giving more love than love is a madness that gives less respect to your respect. Give love as much as the person in front is needed.

 I am ordering you to go and spread love in this world because love is not only public but there is hatred everywhere.

Everything is done with love. Love is the foot of the world, where there is no love, it is not even God.

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The relationship of love is the most different because when we talk to our girlfriend, we get a different enjoyment like a happy life, no matter how many problems there are in life, if you talk to your girlfriend then everything It will be fine, I love you, and this quotation for love is on my side, and I will go through anything to get my love, even if the whole world has to fight Quotation for love.

You know what is love when a person is sad, you reduce his sorrow with love, this is the civilization of humans, love, let love be found.

There is no resistance in love, love is there without suppressing whom.

You better love him than hate you one day he will change his mind towards you.

There is no time for true love, it can be done sometimes even of a sudden.

Love is the condition in which someone else’s happiness is essential to yours. Because without love what to live and what to die.

The happiness of love lasts for a moment. The pain of love lasts a lifetime but you don’t understand.

Love is an indomitable force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it makes us feel lost and confused.

Those who are weak never love, but they use love only to fulfill their needs.

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You know when you have true love, you can’t sleep at night, just for a few days, then with time everything gets better.

I only love you, don’t know since when did you start only with eyes, I have fallen in love with you baby.

Love is one of its own, like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Love is a magician who gets you out of trouble.

The best love is the one who loves you with your soul and makes you progress and life is full of hope Positive.

In this world, you have to face every difficulty alone, you have to have the courage for your love and work with love, only then it will be easy for you to live in this world.

I fell in love with you since you were my friend and then I fell in love with you to make you my girlfriend.

I fell in love with you ever since you were my friend, now I want to make you my girlfriend.

This is my last wish, I love you like a madman and go to God and I will never be able to return You can cry happy in your life.

The only purpose of my life is to love everyone, do not hope for anyone, why love is with hope from one love.

Love is always patient, it never cheats with whom and it is kind and it is also kind. Love is never selfish.

Where do people reach because of love, even if it gets ruined?

Morning Quotation for Love

The person who wakes up at 5 in the morning, his whole life passes with positive thoughts and new things come life, morning quotation for love.

Doing yoga in the morning is like a blessing for the whole life and the blessing of being immortal.

My work would have been done in the morning, give mercy to everyone, share happy

When I woke up in the morning, I saw a bird coming to my courtyard and eating water and grains, my heart became happy after seeing this.

One word can remove all the shortcomings of life, that word is spoken with love.

Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.

All the people in the whole universe are entitled to love and the whole universe also loves his children and that too without selfishness.

There is no love greater than self-love.

I have decided to be in love and find the strength to bear every pain.

The biggest thing is to love that too without any condition, that is true love.

I hope you always love and give love to others and never be disappointed.

We are born alone and go through the world alone, only through our love and friends it is the belief that we are not alone in the world.

Love is beyond those who change their love all the time.

Do not fall in love, think about your future and work on yourself, focus on your work.

Love takes off those masks which you do not respect, it is useless to go where you are not respected.

If your love is true, then all the confusion will be with you, no matter how much trouble comes.

We love you as much as your father loves you and our love will never be uneven, no matter how much trouble, we will always keep you happy.

I have fought in vain and my feelings will not be suppressed and I have to be allowed to tell you that I love you very much

I thought many times about how to say that I love you, and I will do it for you.

I never thought of falling in love but fell in love with you, something different in you that I have never seen in any other girl.

True love removes fear and gives self-power and love.

Two loving couples have one soul.

You don’t love someone because they are perfect, love because their soul is pure.

The biggest thing you learn with time is to love and to give love in return, this is the law of the world.

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The happiness of my life is that love is found unconditionally, such love is found by those who are rich in luck.

The greatest joy in life is the belief that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved despite ourselves this is true love.

When I saw you I fell in love and daily used to smile because you also fell in love.

Where can you go with your love, if you want to set your limits, then you have to love infinitely?

Sometimes talking to such a person shows a beautiful form of love that fascinates everyone.

Never love a person who lies to you in everything and hides something, stay away from such people.

It is a passion to feel the love of the people we love, which gives a new ray of hope to our life.

When we both love each other, we always try to be better than ourselves, then things around us become fine.

 When she told me that I do not love you, then I thought why am I still alive in this world.

Ain’t got no sweet girl like me in the whole world.

 tenderness and heart love are attractive things.

Love is made up of souls living in two bodies that are immortal.

Holy Spirit is more than love.

Love never dominates, when it dominates then it is not only love but the hunger of the body.

One-sided love can never last long because there is no truth in that love.

One should never be deceived in love in life, maybe it will break apart.

The only thing we don’t get enough is love and the only thing we don’t give enough is love it’s a bitter truth.

True love is not found by all and neither true partner.

When we are happiest, we actually look more alive.

The reality is that today everyone loves and marries according to their own selfishness.

Love & friendship quotes

To love deeply with someone is a different pleasure, understanding the real meaning of life.

Love is the martyr of life, the one who got it, his life was filled with sweetness.

To give love is to educate our society.

The form of love is very simple which understands all and gives goods to all.

There is no such thing that I will not do, there is no friend, I still love you.

Love has come from heaven that keeps us away from the worries of hell. 

Many people would like to have you but will not love you.

Never love a person who doesn’t respect you.

When you come to know that your life is short, then you can get lost in the meditation of God all day because His love is infinite.

Let’s start a new love from today even if my heart is broken.

love is a fire that burns in the heart when the fire of broken love is extinguished.

Love is not done by seeing each other but by talking and spending time and understanding each other.

 Have the courage to trust love once and also have the courage to fulfill it.

Those who write poetry, their hearts would have been broken many times, that too ruthlessly.

Love should not be trusted, again and again, it is not love, it is just a deception.

Love can never be held, love is based on trust.

When someone is mad in love, don’t believe her friend, he has gone very wrong.

Love does not hide even by hiding it will come to the fore one day.

There are four things in love, faith, soul, body, and sex.

Our love has come by writing above, thank you, God.

Where there is faith there is love and there is life.

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